Zarina Mohab Ali

My name is Zarina Mohab Ali, I'm a content creator working and studying in The Netherlands. I was born in Suriname and Studied there until I was 19 years old. I then moved to the Netherlands to finish my studies abroad. I've Studied at Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam and Universiteit van Amsterdam, but felt that something was missing. So I decided to go more in the creative direction and see if I can finish a study that fits my interests more. From a young age I was making vlogs,

creating art along the lines of traditional, digital and sculpting. I taught myself how to work with these programs and how to edit to make YouTube videos and join other creators and youtubers in making music and voice acting. 

Many people have told me how much My videos and creations inspire them and how it motivated them, they also ended up realizing that they weren't alone in their situation and find ways to deal with that.

I myself know how situations like these feel and that I'm glad that my creations touch people in this way.

Rin's Art Café

Rin's Art Café was created by Zarina Mohab Ali, who created the persona of the channel's lovely host Rin Ali. Rin Ali interviews people for podcasts about various topics and tries to create a space where the guests feel comfortable to talk about themselves, what they're working on and who they're working with.

She also makes other videos related to her interests and her creations she wants to bring to life on a media platform.

While also taking part in creating similar yet different projects with other people. When topics are being discussed it is important for Rin to try to be neutral and look a as many different sides of the situation as she can while exploring them, because neither effect that the outlooks have or the effects of each part who played their own role in the situation should be denied. 

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join this creator who wants to show case her art to the world and take her audience on a journey